iPhone & iPad Support All of our mailbox plans include support for Apple's iPhone & iPad with free ActiveSync.
BlackBerry Support Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server from Maillabs provides identical features to a standard BES deployment, without the need for an in-house server and the associated costs.
SharePoint Collaboration Benefit from Enterprise Content Management, electronic forms, Microsoft Excel 2010 services & SharePoint integration.
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Collaboration Lync Secure IM Group Chat

Group Chat

lync group chat screenshotMicrosoft Lync 2010 Group Chat allows users to have topic-based, multi-party discussions that persist over time, which allows efficient information sharing and discussions as a group.

Improve Communication - Participate in ongoing discussions on topics of shared interest with Group Chat.

Conversation history is maintained so that teams in different locations and departments can review discussions even when users are online at different times. Group Chat enhances communication and allows geographically distributed teams to work together efficiently.

Communicate With Customers & Partners - Create federated chat rooms through Lync federation capabilities so business partners, customers, and vendors can participate in shared group discussions.

Pair Group Chat With Lync 2010 - Set Lync 2010 as your primary communications client and gain the ability to start an IM conversation, a Lync call, a video call or even send an email with anyone in the participants list.

Broaden Information Awareness - Take advantage of the many types of content supported so that you can share the right information with the right colleagues easily.

Documents, links, posts, and even emoticons can be included within discussions for easy access to topic-related materials.

Manage Information Inflow - Utilise notification settings and user colors to manage information inflow. Users can customise notification settings and control the amount of interruptions and how they are notified.

User colours are valuable in distinguishing between different people or groups, allowing users to find the information they need more quickly.

Overcome Geographic Barriers - Connect with distributed teams by engaging in conversations in multiple languages. Lync 2010 Group Chat now supports chat room text across the Unicode language set.

Enhance Your Monitoring Capabilities - Make use of SCOM (System Centre Operations Manager) compatibility to effectively meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

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