iPhone & iPad Support All of our mailbox plans include support for Apple's iPhone & iPad with free ActiveSync.
BlackBerry Support Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server from Maillabs provides identical features to a standard BES deployment, without the need for an in-house server and the associated costs.
SharePoint Collaboration Benefit from Enterprise Content Management, electronic forms, Microsoft Excel 2010 services & SharePoint integration.
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Exchange Office In The Cloud Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App

outlook web app screenshotWork & Collaborate More Effectively Wherever You Are....

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server through Maillabs & Outlook Web App deliver a rich, familiar Web e-mail experience, so your users can work and collaborate more effectively wherever they are. Users can access e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, SMS text messages, and more - all in one place and through all major Web browsers.

Conversation view puts messages in context to help users to manage large e-mail volumes more efficiently. Users can choose the right communication mode by seeing other users’ presence and contacting them through e-mail, instant messaging, or SMS directly from Outlook Web App.

Collaborating with colleagues outside the organisation is also easier with external calendar sharing.

The new MailTips feature helps prevent inadvertent embarrassment or intellectual property leaks by alerting users of potential mistakes or policy violations before they hit send.

Across platforms and locations, Exchange and Outlook Web App deliver a great Web-based messaging experience to make your users more productive and help lessen inbox overload.

Outlook Web App Features

  • Conversation view. By grouping messages from a single conversation together, the new conversation view enables your users to quickly identify the most recent messages and the chain of responses. Conversation view is always preserved, even if individual e-mail messages are located in different folders in the mailbox. By treating an entire group of messages as a single conversation, the messages can be managed, ignored, moved, and deleted as a whole. New messages that are part of a conversation that a user has chosen to ignore are sent straight to the deleted items folder.

  • Multiple browser support. With Outlook Web App, your users get the same richness and productivity experience within Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari. Now, no matter which of the major Web browsers your organisation supports, your users can have a rich, efficient Outlook Web App experience.

  • MailTips. With MailTips, your organization can be more efficient and more professional in your e-mail communications. MailTips warns your users when they are about to do something that could have damaging or embarrassing consequences - such as sending a message outside your organisation, to a large distribution list, to someone who is out of the office, with attachments that are too big to deliver, and custom MailTips created by system administrators.

  • Single page of messages. In Outlook Web App, all messages are on one page. No matter how big the folder, you can scroll through every message without having to advance through pages. Your users can more efficiently access their messages and scan conversations to find the communications they are looking for.

  • Nickname cache. By storing the e-mail addresses of recent recipients, the nickname cache helps users address e-mail more quickly by providing a suggested name list as a new address is typed. This automatically-populated list narrows itself as the user types more letters of the recipient's name, and it is a combined cache of recent recipients of e-mail sent from Outlook Web App and Outlook Mobile.

  • Filters. Filters are now easier to apply from a convenient drop-down menu with common options.

  • Search. Searching in Outlook Web App is now more powerful with advanced queries. Your users can start searches like “from:”, “to:”, “has attachments:”, and many others to specify search criteria and find the messages they are looking for more easily. Users can save and access favorite searches at the click of a mouse, so they have faster access to information.

  • Calendar sharing. Outlook Web App now enables your users to share their calendars with people outside your organization. Your users can view multiple calendars side by side and use this information in the Scheduling Assistant to schedule meetings with internal and external contacts.

  • View/set status. Outlook Web App enhances your users’ contact lists with colourful presence indicators that show which contacts are available to chat, so they can choose the right communication mode for each contact. Users can set their own presence to let others on the network know if they are available to chat.

  • Instant messaging (IM). Outlook Web App now delivers instant messaging functionality through the client. You can choose to connect Outlook Web App to Microsoft LYNC IM (Instant Messaging), enabling your users to see the presence indications of others and quickly decide whether to use e-mail or IM.

  • SMS sync. With Exchange ActiveSync, SMS text messages can now be sent from Outlook and Outlook Web App. Incoming messages, sent via EAS to the user's mobile device, are available both in the usual SMS message location and the e-mail inbox.

  • Favourites. Your users look for certain things over and over, such as unread messages. Favourites are saved, user-defined filters that users can access at the click of a mouse, giving them faster access to the information they use most to help them stay productive.
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